We provide strategic accounting services to cultivators, extrators, and dispensaries
to help increase profitability by 5%- 10% and remain IRS and Audit ready.

How can we Help

Are you a business owner that:

Does not truly know how the business is doing because of incomplete, inaccurate, or unreliable books?

We help you gain Confidence in the financial information available for your business.
We specialize in performing Messy Historical Clean-up work to get your previous years books in order. We also work with you to prepare accurate monthly recurring financials necessary to run your business effectively and meet the complicated requirements of this industry.

Is Disorganized with no processes or systems in place to run the business?

We help you get Organized by implementing internal controls for cash, inventory, payables, receivable etc.
We automate your processes using the latest technology to remove the headache of the time consuming manual tasks, thus improving efficiency and saving money.

Is Scared or Frustrated because you are uncertain if you are paying the correct amount of taxes to the federal and state departments?

We help ease your anxiety by using the accurate and recurring financials to forecast the tax liability to the state and federal bodies and ensure that you have the cash set aside to pay them. With this information, we can plan proper strategies to minimize your business’s tax liability and maximize its profits.

Is Confused about where to find banking, insurance and payroll services that are open to serving cannabis businesses?

We help connect you to numerous business services that are specifically servicing the cannabis space. We belong to a large network of professionals whose aim is to ensure that cannabis businesses get the fair treatment they deserve just as any other legalized industry.