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Higher Level Accounting has the accounting expertise you need to build a secure and successful cannabis business. Higher Level Accounting belongs to a group of CFOs, CPAs, MBAs, and EAs who have been specifically trained to implement the GAAP, accrual, and cost accounting methods necessary for a cannabis business to be operated successfully. Most importantly, we have in-depth knowledge on the complicated tax rules faced by these businesses and have practices to keep the business IRS and audit-ready.


We have found that our experience and focus has allowed us to fully understand your business in its entirety and therefore provide you with the best knowledge available to help you grow your business and reduce your tax liabilities.

Let us help bring solutions to your problems and give you the time to grow the business. We can help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our professional services include:

  • GAAP Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Tax Planning and Preparation – 280E Compliance
  • Internal Controls – Heavily Cashed Based Business
  • Profit Maximization and Cash Management


We take care of your business for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business.
Here are a few things we can help with:

Outsourced Bookkeeper

As a cannabis business owner, your main goal should be running and growing your business. We offer full bookkeeping and record keeping services for your financial needs following GAAP based accounting compliance. Timely services with certified QuickBooks Proadvisor keeping your records up to date, following true accounting principles and business practices.

Collaborative Accountant

Our Collaborative Accountant package provides more in depth tools to allow you to understand the financial status of your business which will help you make more informed management decisions.

Strategic Finance Director

This service gives the advantages of having a CFO at a fraction of the cost. Here we help businesses form strategies and best practices to maximize profitability and increase growth


You get one-on-one guidance that helps manage risk and improve performance.
Here are a few things we can assist you with:

Tax Preparation

We are aware of the uniqueness of filing taxes for cannabis taxes. We ensure that our clients file their taxes using the proper accrual and GAAP accounting necessary to stay in compliance with both state and federal governing bodies.

Tax Planning

We offer a full range of tax planning services. We also consult on IRS Section 280E, strategies to effectively minimize exposure and comply with the related tax matters. Our expert knowledge allows us to guide cannabis owners with planning activities that would kept them 280E and IRS compliant while saving money by lowering tax liability.

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and there are many nuances that CEOs need guidance with in order to stay compliant with all the state and federal regulatory bodies. The fact is that 90%+ of the bookkeeping and accounting is poorly done since the industry has unique rules that should be considered when performing these services.


Click the link below that gives you a better understanding of what we offer cannabis CEOs versus what you can get from other firms. Our comparison gives a detailed look from different accounting firms, established CPA, Trained Quickbook Bookkeepers, In house Staff/CFO and many more.