What Does a CEO get from
Higher Level Accounting

So What Does A Cannabis CEO Get From Our Firm Established CPA Firm Trained Quickbooks Bookeeper Cannabis Accountant In House Staff/CFO
Probably Nothing (as they are not in the space)
High Costs, Taxes, Insurance, Turnover
Data Entry of Expenses and Deposits
Professional Onboarding/Cleanup
Proprietary Chart of Accounts for all Cannabis Industries
Solid Record Keeping (support docs attached to each transaction) (May be) (May be) (May be)
Bookkeeping (Bank/Credit Card recs, Basic financials Printed)
Accountant/CPA review of entry and Recs
Preparation of GAAP Accruals, including required cost accounting (May be) (May be)
Preparation of Month End Tie Out Report
(all BS/sign P&L accts tied to supporting sched/recs /accruals)
Preparation of Professional/GAAP Financials and Month End Reports (May be) (May be)
Preparation of 9 mth Rolling Cash forecast (maybe)
(one page presentation: forward looking BS/P&L/Cashflow)
(May be)
Other Value Add docs (Models, HR docs, etc) (May be) (May be)
280e Tax workpapers (convert GAAP to 280e/471 ready) (May be) (May be)
Tax Prep, Annual Tax Planning, Strategic Planning (May be) (May be)
Perpetual Data Room
(all corporate, financial, tax, insurance, contracts on cloud
always ready any day/every day for investors/lenders/auditors)
Fixed Fee Pricing/ We grow as you grow
More Cash: increased Margins, better tax planning,
maximize available deductions
More Time and Peace of Mind
(less CEO time on financials and worry about compliance)
More Expertise
(Our Network has around 50 CPAs, CFOs, attorneys, MBAs, bookkeepers,
Eas, Controllers in 22 states with deep combined knowledge)
Better Compliance as records and accounting are more robust
Responisve and Reliable/ Available when you need us